Mathcore Index: Volume 3

We are proud to present to you our third compilation, Mathcore Index: Volume 3, featuring 28 of the finest bands in underground music. Artwork by Karl Frandsen, layout by Tamás Bakó, and original logo by Keith Carlson. Special thank you to SKiN GRAFT Records and Throatruiner Records.
Format: Digital (free download)
Release date: 4/28/17
Track listing:
Bisbâyé – “Sur l’Isolement et la Désolation”
car made of glass – “delayed content dump”*
Conflux Collective – “The Keeper of Light”
Cronauta – “Harangue”
CZAR – “Too Many Yetis”
DEAD KIWIS – “Chuck Norris”
DriveTime Commute – “Chum Fists”
FERO LUX – “Hearse Song”
HYENAS – “Self-Adjusting”
Jardín de la Croix – “Seventeen Years to Hatch an Invasion”
Jesus Horse – “At Least Buy Me Dinner”
Jitters – “My Big Red Knife”
Juan Bond – “Tragedy in the Marquee”
Kangarilla – “Styrofoam Swingset”
KIM – “Pyongyang Nights”
Masiro – “Technocologist Unknown”
MICHEL ANOIA – “Celestial Labacide”
Retail Monkey – “Pass Me the Yogurt Chips Before I Cremate Myself, Emilio”
SCIO – “Good Boy”
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “Soap Opera Stardom Is a Single Teardrop Away”*
secondgradeknifefight – “chemistry 211 (stay away from ryan, he scratches)”
Snooze – “SnooPING AS Usual I see”
Steaksauce Mustache – “You Don’t Piss On Hospitality”
Vaulting – “Allmutter”
Wolcott Falls – “Walmart”*
Yowie – “The Reason Your House Is Haunted Can Be Found On This Microfiche”
Zygoma – “Red Curtain Falls”

* = exclusive premiere

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