We are very proud to present this Mathcore Index exclusive stream of “Haste,” the debut EP from Denver’s Kenaima, one of the most exciting new bands in mathcore. Kenaima are one of the few bands touting The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge among in their influences that actually live up to those expectations, and today they have brought us a stellar debut with “Haste.” “Lifetime Original Movie,” the EP’s true opener, blasts it’s way into your skull with off-kilter riffs and a staccato attack we all know and love, quickly yielding to “Revenge Fuck,” which brings chromatically descending passages, Car Bomb-escque heaviness, and a Mike Patton injected mid-section. “From the Gut,” the EP’s penultimate track, begins with sickly, disorienting chording and goes off in a number of different directions, but most notably includes some of the EP’s heavier moments and some great vocal trade-off. “Rock the Vote,” the album’s closer, is seemingly a reprise and revisits many of the motifs explored in previous songs before finally lurching to a halt. As I’ve mentioned previously, there is literally nothing I don’t love about Kenaima.
*”Haste” is out 10/7/17 via Kenaima’s Bandcamp.

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