Interview with Michael Hollinger of Arms

Mathcore Index correspondent Carson Pace interviews Michael Hollinger, aka Weeb Min, guitarist of Arms and chief memelord at Odd-Metered Mathcore m e m e s.  
Originally aired on Mathcast Episode 16.

Arms / Seizures split 7” available here.

Read the full transcription after the jump.

Mathcore Index: This is Carson for Mathcore Index, Mathcast…you know, you know the deal. I’m here with not only the guitarist from Arms, but the head admin of the Odd-metered Mathcore Memes and shitposting group. Michael, say hello.

Michael: Hey, what’s up? It’s very cold. It’s it’s really cold out here right now. It’s incredibly cold. I’m dying. 

Mathcore Index: Yeah, you’re from Florida .So it’s just it’s, it’s very, yeah. What does Florida think of mathcore?  

Michael: Florida doesn’t tend to think a whole lot about mathcore. We’ve got a couple bands out there who, you know, sort of fit into the mathcore genre. Say like Fero Lux from South Florida, they’re a pretty big name. Other than that, yeah, we have a bit of a hardcore scene around Central Florida. We really don’t have a whole lot of, you know, chaotic bands.

Mathcore Index: Do you do you think that it’s  easier to just say that you’re a hardcore band and then gig as a hardcore band than it is to say you’re a mathcore or chaotic hardcore band or an experimental hardcore band?

Michael: That’s actually a tough call because if you’re within the genre that we play it’s kind of tough to fit into the hardcore or the metal scenes. We’re kind of just in a weird crossroads in between hardcore and metal. Sometimes we book hardcore shows, sometimes with book metal shows, but we don’t completely fit into either. So it’s a yeah, it’s a tough call for sure.

Mathcore Index: You guys seem to gain a lot of online support based on just Bandcamp supporters. You know, when you’re when you’re scrolling through your Bandcamp supporters on your album, “Blackout,” there seems to be just like, supporter after supporter after supporter. In this new Internet age, do you think it’s easier to just be an online band rather than a touring band? Do you think that there’s money to be made just online as far as popularity goes? Do you sometimes think “we should just stay a band that is just online”? 

Michael: Absolutely. Yes, I do and if anything we’re a perfect testament to that because we started out as an online band. Arms has been a band since 2011 and for the longest time even through the release of “Blackout,” it was actually just Paul who worked on Arms. This project is essentially his brainchild. So yeah, in a lot of ways, it is more convenient for bands to just be online projects because that is the future of communication for sure.  

Mathcore Index: So you guys have a new split coming out? Can you talk about that? 

Michael: Um, yeah, we were doing a split with the band called Seizures from California and they’re fantastic. Excellent band for sure. We wrote two new songs for that split, we played one of them tonight as a matter of fact. We do not have a working title yet for that song, however, but the other one is called “Junk Witch” and we’re super stoked to record them for sure. Yeah, it’s definitely some of our best work to the date. 

Mathcore Index: Awesome. Well, when can we expect that?  

Michael: Ideally, it should be coming out within the next few months. We actually just received a message from Seizures saying that they just got done recording. S you know, they still have to undergo the mixing and the mastering process and you know, what have you but yeah expect it in early 2018.

Mathcore Index: Alright, awesome. Well, where can people find your shit?

Michael: We’re on Bandcamp, so yeah, you can just search Arms on Bandcamp we are not the pop rock band called Arms from New York, we are the other Arms on Bandcamp. Then we have links to that on our Facebook page as well. 

Mathcore Index: Odd-metered mathcore shitposting, go give it a like.

Michael: I mean go give it a like if you want to hate yourself. But yeah sure. 

Mathcore Index: I will. Thank you, Michael.

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