Best of 2017

Mathcore Index’s Best of 2017


After various delays, complications, and delinquent submissions, we decided to finally bring you our 2017 year end lists in article form, despite the fact it’s absurdly late. Better late than never though, right?

10) Worry – “A Celebration of Suffering”
Ex-The Great Redneck Hope members illustrating just how much Colorado knows heavy.
9) Artificial Brain – “Infrared Horizons”
Brooklyn’s best angular death metallars give the plethora of other Gorguts acolytes a run for their money.
8) Czar – “Life Is Way No Way to Treat an Animal”
Czar are keeping the lost art of jazzcore alive.
7) Puncture – “Form and Void”
Those of you complaining about Cult Leader’s stylistic change after Gaza should immediately investigate this highly aggressive album.
6) Cleric – “Retrocausal”
An absolutely expansive masterpiece that took a long time to truly digest, given the sheer magnitude and ambition of the song writing.
5) Yowie – “Synchromysticism”
Speaking of expansion, Yowie’s latest mind-expanding release is their magnum opus, and is as challenging as it is infectious.

4) Mico – “Segunda Muerte”

Columbia brings one of the most inspired yet conversely under-recognized hardcore albums this year, with a seamless darkened tinge that could be compared to Plebeian Grandstand.

3) Helpless – “Debt”

One of Holy Roar’s best sig
nings ever, Helpless appear on Mathcore Index: Volume 1, and show with this effort that they can deliver a masterful full-length performance that is filled with earwig riffs and Gaza-laced evil passages.

2) Converge – “The Dusk In Us”

Big surprise, right? Not even being lazy here, just genuinely jammed this a ton, according to both and Spotify.

1) The Heads Are Zeros – “The Heads Are Zeros”

The Heads Are Zeros’ self-titled full-length is both their magnum opus and their swan song, and bands like this are the reason I started “writing” about music.

10) The Callous Daoboys – “Animal Tetris”
9) Ladybird – “I Feel Nothing / I Exist Nowhere”
8) Mouthbreather – “Pig”
7) End – “From Unforgiving Arms of God”
5) secondgradeknifefight – “pg1”
4) SOUNDING – “Trepanation”
3) Good Game – “Don’t Blow It”
2) Snooze – “Actually, Extremely”
1) SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware”


So Christian did EPs and full-lengths, but I’m just gonna do a mixed top 10.

10) Dying Fetus – “Wrong One to Fuck With”

Wanted this higher on my list, but it was nowhere near as good as other albums like “Reign Supreme.”

9) End – “From the Unforgiving Arms of God”

Just angry and good.

8) Kublai Khan – “Nomad”

Solid heavy hardcore.

7) Converge – “The Dusk In Us”

Thought I would’ve jammed this more, but didn’t quite as much as I expected.

6) Snooze – “Actually, Extremely”

Go-to feel good music

5) Good Game – “Don’t Blow It”

A no-brainer.

4) King Krule – “The Ooz”

My genre switch up.

3) The Heads Are Zeros – “The Heads Are Zeros”

A ride off into the sunset.

2) Less Art – “Strangled Light”

Members of Curl Up and Die, ‘nough said.
1) Primitive Man – “Caustic”
“It’s doom, dude.”

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