EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Fawn Limbs – “Ore Lung”


Mathcore Index Presents: Fawn Limbs – “Ore Lung”

Since their formation last year, Fawn Limbs have become arguably one of the most prolific artists in mathcore, releasing piecemeal a full-length+ worth of material in less than 6 months in the form of 3 EPs and a single. Not known for being repetitious, the duo, formed of Eeli Helin (Infinite Nomad) and Lee Fischer (Psyopus, Commit Suicide), have recruited a 3rd member, Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain), on bass and have returned with their debut full-length of entirely new material, and today we have the distinct pleasure of you bringing the first track from “Harm Remissions,” “Ore Lung.”

Fawn Limbs have mastered the art of unsettling dissonance, and the single, like most of their previous material, has an air of uncomfortableness and unpredictably. Utilizing pummeling low end and down-tuned attack comparable to Ion Dissonance with the lyrical vitriol of bands like Cult Leader, Fawn Limbs debut full-length is sure to make some year end lists.

“Harm Remissions” is out August 2nd via Bandcamp.

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