EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: .gif from god – “approximation_of_a_human”

Back in 2016 Mathcore Index started doing a monthly companion podcast, Mathcast, which was meant to showcase bands being highlighted on our social media and website. One of the bands to be discussed on the pilot episode was .gif from god, a new chaotic screamo / mathcore band out of Richmond, VA, who had just released their debut, a 2 song 2016 winter tour tape.
2017, .gif release their infamous split 7″ with Boston’s Vein, and despite some of the subsequent fallout, it seemed the band were still on course for greatness.
Flash forward to 2019, bands like SeeYouSpaceCowboy gain national attention by signing to Pure Noise Records, seminal bands such as Heavy Heavy Low Low and The Number Twelve Looks Like You signal their return and release an album respectively, The Callous Daoboys release their instant classic, “Die On Mars,” and Prosthetic Records begins a chain of signings including Chicago’s meth. and Washington D.C.’s wristmeetrazor. The stage is set for a full revival of the chaotic and emotive sounds of the late 90’s and 2000’s of which .gif from god are at the forefront, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you the full album stream from their Prosthetic Records debut, “approximation_of_a_human.”

“approximation_of_a_human” is introduced with the whirring and buzzing noise of machines, signaling some of the band’s digital aesthetics and setting an air of uneasiness. The album’s true opener, “mandoorhandhookcardoor,” however, pulls no punches while still showcasing the band’s refined sound and fully illustrating the capabilities of the now expanded lineup. Further showing the revamped lineup, likewise are the re-recorded versions of the 2016 winter tour tape songs, “no dude, he STILL likes to spray” (couldn’t type that out without laughing) and “sassafras manassas ass.”
“possible futures in the minds of children,” one of the leading singles, is one of the strongest tracks on the album, was featured on the latest episode of our podcast, and features a pretty bad ass “WOO!” that totally made this editor’s day.
Not to be one dimensional, .gif from god also show maturity on this record, showing genuine restraint with more subdued tracks like “BP2BB,” an instrumental which provides some small relief from the screeching chords and blood curdling screams. Although this is only brief, as the album launches back into one of the heaviest tracks, “cincinnatically speaking…”, which not only features some of the album’s hugest breakdowns, but some cheeky pig squeals.
“approximation…” scarcely relents after that, with the next 4 track stretch thick with breakdowns, feedback, and an abundance of the beloved “panic chord,” a term recently re-infiltrating the hardcore and metal vernacular. Then, in appropriately cyclical fashion, the album whirs again to an electronic halt with “40,000 jobs for a cowboy & counting,” a hilarious and poignant title and note on which to end.
Catch .gif from god on their run of Fall dates starting October 16th in their home town of Richmond with The Number 12 Looks Like You, and featuring Wvrm, c0mputer, and Malevich on select dates. “approximation_of_a_human” drops 9/27/19 via Prosthetic Records.
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