New Jersey instrumental tech metal trio El Drugstore (ex-East of the Wall, etc) are poised to release their sophomore full-length, The Golden Age of Bad Ideas, on November 15 via Nefarious Industries. Arriving six years after the release of their full-length debut, Plague Ship, The Golden Age of Bad Ideas sees the band honing in on the heavier, more head-spinning aspects of their sound, and increasing them tenfold. Fans of Dysrhythmia, Don Caballero, and Keelhaul will want to pay close attention.

To build anticipation for its upcoming release, Mathcore Index have partnered with the band to bring you an exclusive peek at the album’s third track, “Moral Curve.” The track will immediately ensnare you with its jagged, yet groove-laden riffs, and dissonant, Gorgutsian lurches. Guitarist Kevin Conway had the following to say regarding the new track:

“Moral Curve was born out of a riff that Seth and I stumbled upon while fucking around at rehearsal. From there, it took on a life of its own and encapsulates a lot of anger and frustration I was feeling at the time. I think this song is a good representation of the direction the material for this album took, which to me is a bit more direct and less cartoonish than our previous output, while still maintaining the off-kilter dissonance that naturally occurs when the three of us make music together.”

Check out the track below.


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