EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Geisterfahrer – “Vivisection Parade”


Here at Mathcore Index, we toss the term “MySpace” around a lot, usually in an adjectival sense to describe the sound of a band who really scratch that itch for the days of white belts, profile songs, and the skinniest jeans one could find. Boston’s Geisterfahrer, who made their debut in late 2017, are one such band. Embracing what could almost be described as a regressive approach (let’s go with ‘distilled’), the band’s sound is a hybrid of deathcore and mathcore, a sound that many recognize from when MySpace’s musical renaissance was at its peak, employing minor third intervals, savage breakdowns, and just the right amount of sass, not unlike bands such as Heavy Heavy Low LowSee You Next Tuesday, From A Second Story Window, and Kissyface Fashion Faux Pas.

2018’s “Demolition Fetish,” Geistfahrer’s full-length debut, made waves in the underground community, was featured on the 24th episode of our podcast, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive stream of their follow up EP, “Vivisection Parade.”

“Vivisection Parade” begins innocently enough with a minute or so of static, but soon springs to life with some of the band’s best material yet in “Deadbridge Chant,” with its dissonant and metallic passages, and “Queen Mab Rehab,” for which the band so intelligently saves the first massive whammy injected breakdown of this release.

“Android Fitness,” the EP’s penultimate track, begins with an off kilter artificial harmonic laced groove that momentarily recalls Car Bomb, before giving way to “Social Media Werewolf,” both of which barely clocking a minute in length but still providing some of Geisterfahrer’s best and most memorable material on this short, yet sweet EP.

FFO: See You Next Tuesday, SeeYouSpaceCowboyAs For Us

“Vivisection Parade” is out today on Bandcamp.

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