Cancellation Blues: Unofficial SXSW Showcase and Top Knot Fest 2020

Shoutout to reader Robert Clary for inspiring this post

In light of the recent cancellation of both our upcoming sponsored events, the Unofficial SXSW Showcase and Top Knot Fest 2020, we wanted to encourage you to buy some of their merch and music online and enjoy some lovely videos of the bands that were supposed to perform, but we figured it would be easier if we put all the links in one place.

In fact, we want you to lend love and support to all bands and artists being effected by this crisis, but if I started naming them, we’d be here all day, so for now kick back and enjoy some high quality videos of bands you were probably supposed to see this spring and pick up some damn merch while you’re at it.


Unofficial SXSW Showcase:

When and where it was supposed to happen: March 19th at Unit 108 in Austin, Texas

Who was supposed to play: Meth., OLAM, for your health, Shin Guard, DSGNS, Glassing, and Amygdala



for you health:

Shin Guard:




Top Knot Fest 2020:

When and where it was supposed to happen: April 17th at Southgate Roller Rink, Full Title Ice Cream, and The Source in Seattle, Washington

Who was supposed to play: Deaf Club, Meth., Octopoulpe, Theories, Godseyes, Great Falls, Trace Amount, Post/Boredom, Czar, Generation Decline, Florida Man, and xRAWRx

Deaf Club:





Great Falls:

Trace Amount:



Generation Decline:

Florida Man:


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