EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Needle Play – “Death by Dying”

Jazzcore has become somewhat of a lost art. The subgenre’s most pivotal artists still aren’t exactly widely known and even defining it can be very challenging due to the musical eclecticism. It would make sense then that crossover would inevitably occur with another hard-to-define, yet somehow all encompassing extremity like mathcore, an umbrella which seems to so easily amalgamate with practically any other genre it touches, and one with many artists already pulling from the jazz spectrum.

Enter Boston’s Needle Play. Formed in 2017, the band released a demo and followed it up with not a series of singles and EPs, but instead released an extremely ambitious debut full-length, “Cruel Spring,” one of our favorite albums of 2019, and a dark, yet inspired music video for “Doomster Baby,” which was remixed by Kevin Antreassian of The Dillinger Escape Plan at Backroom Studios in New Jersey, and are arguably one of the only existing bands keeping this wildly technical and frankly inaccessible sound alive.

Drawing inspiration from other jazz-injected mathcore acts like Lye By Mistake, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, and the unavoidable influence of The Dillinger Escape Plan, the band took the jazz influence a step further and showed a massive leap with this LP over their early material, and today we are happy to bring you their newest and unsurprisingly ambitious “EP”, “Dying by Dying,” which was supposed to be released back in May, but due to several contributing factors, it’s completion and release date were postponed, until today.

To call “Death by Dying” an EP is somewhat of an understatement, as the record clocks in at close to 26 minutes and is an absolute clinic on mathcore and jazz-fusion, with head-spinning chromatic runs, flurries of staccato tritones, and Tyler Tremblay’s (formerly of MouthBreather) blithe and sardonic wordplay and furious delivery weaving tales of depravity, substance abuse, and general social commentary on American life.

Needle Play – “Death by Dying” is available now on Bandcamp.

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