ICYMI: October Edition, 2021

October was a ridiculously stacked month for sick releases (especially mathcore adjacent ones), and since we literally have no running columns right now, imma use this as an excuse to dump these sweet, sweet bangers all over your adoring faces. Sexually. Let’s go.

The God Awful Truth – “Memory Palace” (Dark Trail Records)

Off-kilter grooves interspersed with breakneck staccato flurries, dissonant guitar lines, and absolutely crushing breakdowns. Fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Tony Tapdance Extravaganza, and late Daughters should certainly appreciate the sheer aggression and technical intensity of their debut full-length album, “Memory Palace.”

Check out our sick premiere for “The Granny Killer”

The Sound That Ends Creation – “Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines” (Dark Trail Records)

The Sound That Ends Creation is about as zany as it gets, and they deliver some of their most boundary pushing, over the top, and whacky material yet on their 5th album, “Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines.” The addition of keys on the last album, and now the addition of horns and singing on this new album, only add to the cacophonous kitchen sink approach of song writer Chris Dearing.

Watch our premiere for “Can I Be Aborted Even Though I’m 29?”

Torrential Downpour – “TwentyTwentyTwenty”

This one came out of left field, but this is an unsurprisingly ambitious effort from a band comprised of members of other equally ambitious NJ acts (Dead Empires, Circuit of Suns), and on their first new album in 6 years they channel bands like Car Bomb, Between the Buried and Me, and Cleric.

Check out our live session video premiere for “Apperceptive Mass”

Chamber – “Cost of Sacrifice” (Pure Noise Records)

This was one of my most anticipated LPs of 2020, and the band certainly did not disappoint, delivering 10 tracks of their most hyper-aggressive material yet with only one small breather. Fans of bands like Code Orange, Vein, and Sanction should all over this one.

Elaine the Singer – “Elaine the Singer”

Featuring members of Floral, this self-titled debut is ten tracks of incredibly idiosyncratic instrumental math rock with angular riffs and complex, non-linear compositions with perfect use of loud / soft dynamics.

The Most – “Of What We Have” (Choke Artist)

A relaxing, thought provoking, and hypnotic amalgamation of not-so-old and new music that reminds me just as much of freak folk giants like Grizzly Bear, Man Man, and Animal Collective as it does of math rock bands like Clever Girl and Feed Me Jack, with whimsical vocals and floating horn accompaniment.

Potion – “Cemetary”

Current and former members of Car Made of GlassAntarctica, and Embryonic Devourment come together for another EP of completely off the wall techgrind and mathcore with bird like vocals, insane guitar acrobatics, and genre spanning songs a la Psyopus, Wormed, and Mr Bungle.

Check out our guitar playthrough for “Real Teen Wolves”

The Holloway Tape – “Painted World of The Holloway Tape”

Lo-fi Psyopus meets Mr Bungle, a sound that is catching on right now with similar artists like The Sound That Ends Creation, Potion, and Focusrights.

Focusrights – “ew, music!”

When Ivan of Doomeye and Dmitry of Seimugan Houtai aren’t busying making music together in the project Mortebound, they’re making music together in another similar but more spontaneous, zany, and borderline improvisational noisegrind / mathcore project, Focusrights.

The Arson Choir – “Invisible” Monsters” (War Against Records)

SoCal needs more bands like this, stoked to see more California mathcore bands putting stuff out.

Songs – “Songs”

The debut EP from the PA / NJ mathcore outfit featuring members Sleepsculptor is a foray into a more chaotic and less groove oriented territory that recalls the likes of early Daughters, The Sawtooth Grin, and NJ underground legends, Inside the Beehive.

Nigh Ungoldy – “Stygian Blue”

Another sick EP of impeccable tech death from the mysterious US collective, fans of The Faceless, Viraemia, and Methwitch should enjoy.

Drown the Lifeguard – “Eroding Palaces”

While I’m not super crazy about the name, this was a really fun EP that recalls that glory days of MySpace and really sent me down the rabbit hole of bands I discovered via other bands’ top 8’s.

Some sick singles that dropped:

…and that’s it. Did we miss anything? Lemme know in the comments.


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