Review: STAR OF KHORALA – “Self-Titled”

Floridian quintet Star of Khorala delivers a blackened, jagged brand of post-hardcore on their self-titled debut EP.

Star of Khorala immediately storms out of the gate with the bouncing, angular “Yuengling Priest,” which properly introduces the band’s self-described “blackened hyperborean post-skramz.” The guitar riffs slam down upon the listener with sludgy hardcore grit, while the muscular, groove-laden drumming deals its own damage. Venomous vocals and caustic bass lines with Jesus Lizard torque only add to the track’s churning assault and set the stage for what is to come.

“I Don’t Understand” and “Kill Бацька” shows the band at their most chaotic. These particular tracks incorporate the twisting noise rock that was prevalent in the opening track, along with dissonant hardcore flurries, black metal stampedes, and traces of doom metal for the most unpredictable experience possible. The band’s penchant for melding seemingly incompatible styles continues on the album’s fourth track, “Bad Attitude,” which balances between post-hardcore and sludge in a way that calls Planes Mistaken for Stars to mind. “Teacup Trauma” and “You vs. Me,” in contrast, showcases more of the band’s screamo/emo influences with the latter track resembling something akin to a punkier, dirtier version of Sunny Day Real Estate.

Star of Khorala’s debut is raw, unique, and consistently engaging. The band is off to a promising start and it will be interesting to see which direction(s) they take next.

Rating: 7/10
Release Date: August 6, 2021
Favorite Tracks: “Yuengling Priest” and “Kill Бацька”
For Fans Of: Planes Mistaken For Stars, Horsewhip, Meatwound, and Reversal of Man

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