RESULTS: Mathcore Index’s Best of 2021 Reader Poll

The results are in from our very first reader poll, and although some of these selections may not be surprising given our readership, if anything the vindication we get from knowing that (for the most part) you agree with us is basically enough. Let’s go.

Top 10 Full-lengths

10. Between the Buried and Me – “Colors II”

9. Converge / Chelsea Wolfe – “Blood Moon: I”

8. MouthBreather – “I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman”

7. Under the Pier – “An Exercise In Discontent”

6. SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “The Romance of Affliction”

5. Pupil Slicer – “Mirrors”

4. Turnstile – “Glow On”

3. Frontierer – “Oxidized”

2. The Armed – “Ultrapop”

1. Every Time I Die – “Radical”

Top 10 EPs

  1. Knocked Loose – “A Tear In the Fabric of Life”
  2. Circuit Circuit – “EP”
  3. Deathtax – “Are We Left No Other Choice”
  4. Thotcrime / Headgore – “at war with my own body” split
  5. Hazing Over – “Pestilence”
  6. fromjoy – “it lingers”
  7. pulses. – “Speak Less”
  8. Willzyx – “i don’t feel anything”
  9. 156/Silence – “Don’t Hold Your Breath”
  10. Bone Cutter – “Bone Cutter”

Some Other Albums Y’all Clearly Loved

In no particular order:

Kaonashi – “Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year”

Lingua Ignota – “Sinner Get Ready”

fallfiftyfeet – “Twisted World Perspective”

Genghis Tron – “Dream Weapon”

black midi – “Cavalcade”

for your health – “In Spite of”

Death Goals – “The Horrible and the Miserable”

Portrayal of Guilt – “We Are Always Alone”

Portrayal of Guilt – “Christfucker”

Yautja – “The Lurch”

Fawn Limbs – “Darwin Falls”

Deafheaven – “Infinite Granite”

Utopia – “Stalker”

Vildhjarta – “Måsstaden under vatten”

Dreamwell – “Modern Grotesque”

Plebeian Grandstand – “Rien ne suffit”

Blind Equation – “Life Is Pain”

Full of Hell – “Garden of Burning Apparitions”

Black Sheep Wall – “Songs for the Enamel Queen”

Squid – “Bright Green Field”

Juan Bond – “Womb”

Delta Sleep – “Spring Island”

Møl – “Diorama”

Pacmanthemovie – “Pacmanthemovie 2: Eat Lives”

Capra – “In Transmission”

wristmeetrazor – “Replica of a Strange Love”

Blindfolded and Led to the Woods – “Nightmare Withdrawls”

Vorvan – “Awakened”

The Sound That Ends Creation – “Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers”

Zao – “The Crimson Corridor”

…and that’s it! Thanks to all that voted, we’ll be running this and more reader polls in the future!

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