EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Ditch Organ – “A Rapid Flicker of Light”

Eeli Helin is a busy fucking boy. This guy is involved in so many awful (in the best way) and noisy projects, I can’t image what his grandmother must think, and his newest venture, Ditch Organ, is certainly no exception. Teaming up with Portugal based experimental metal solo artist Ian of Micro Colossal, the two have created a series of vignettes that serves as a potent mission statement: a 5 track EP of concise 60~ second bangers, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive stream of their debut EP: “A Rapid Flickering of Light.”

Physicals available now via Tomb Tree Tapes on cassette and 7″ lathe, order here.

FFO: See You Next Tuesday, The Chariot, Dead Kiwis

Press release:

The debut EP from Eeli (Fawn Limbs) and Ian (Micro Colossal) aka DITCH ORGAN is like watching the highlights from a horror movie separated by short acid trips. 5 songs in just 7 minutes, the race through chaos and orchestrated destruction is reminiscent of Thumbscrew, Machinist, The Chariot in their venomous, unrestrained and violent interpretation of breakneck metallic hardcore. This release is the catalyst for pushing Tomb Tree Tapes into new territory, as we are dumping the “Tapes” from our name. Therefore you’ll find this stellar release on both swirled cassettes and 7” lathe. The marble swirl tapes are housed (primarily) in paper bags with the center burned out and the lyric insert/cover behind it. Lathes are single sided stereo 7’s, 25 clear and 25 black. Lathes /50, 25 clear and 25 black. Tapes /55, 28 on orange/blue/yellow swirl in white bag, 12 on green swirl in blue bag, 10 gold-plated swirl in brown bag, and 5 test dips in silver bag, all w/cover+lyric sheet. 5 songs.

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