Most Anticipated Mathcore Releases of 2022

Although 2021 did yield quite a few exciting releases, I think we can all agree some of the most exciting mathcore and mathcore-adjacent acts have been either teasing or have fully announced 2022 releases, so here is a roundup of both artists rumored and confirmed to have releases slated for 2022.

EDIT: naturally I missed a couple things, so I’ll probably sneak a few more entries in here today

The Callous Daoboys – LP2

Photo by Olivia Keasling

Still riding the buzz off the back of their 2019 instant classic, “Die On Mars,” Atlanta’s premiere mathcore darlings’ highly anticipated sophomore album is expected to drop sometime this year. The Callous Daoboys have already firmly established themselves as genre staples in such a short amount of time, and expectations will most likely be running high considering the memorable and infectious passages of their full-length debut.

The Sawtooth Grin – LP1

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A quintessential MySpace era mathcore band, The Sawtooth Grin have been teasing snippets of a new album for the past several years that will feature drummer Jon Karel (also of The Number Twelve Looks Like You), and we’re hoping this is the year they finally deliver. The band hasn’t released any new music since the 2011 “Jabberwocky” demos, but given how beloved and profoundly influential their only existing and official release, “Cuddlemonster,” is within our scene, I’d say this is another one where expectations will be sky high for the band to deliver something that is both quality and substantial, given that the release would potentially mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s formation. – “This World Is Going To Ruin You”

Photo by Reid Haithcock

The band have announced “This World Is Going to Ruin You,” the highly anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed debut full-length, which is to be released March 4th via Closed Casket Records. The critically acclaimed “Errorzone” was easily one of the best albums of 2018 and cleared my top 10 of that year, and there is no doubt their follow up will be deliver the same high energy metalcore with mathcore appeal that makes for some of the craziest live performances in underground music. 2 of the members have also recently formed an even more mathcore-inclined side project, Living Weapon, who released one of our favorite EPs of 2021.

Rolo Tomassi – “Where Myth Becomes Memory”

Photo by Andy Ford

Although the band have stepped further and further away from their mathcore roots into more progressive and post-metal territories, we’d be remiss to not include Rolo Tomassi in this roundup. The band have announced their 6th full-length album, “Where Myth Becomes Memory,” which the band describes as “the final part in an unintended trilogy that began with 2015’s Grievances and continued with 2018’s Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It,” is to be released February 4th.’redead – LP1

Photo by @spookygraps’redead have been at the top of my “bands that seem promising as fuck” list for a long time, and if the material they’ve been drip feeding via various singles and splits are any indication, their rumored debut LP is sure to be a pleaser for fans of mathcore and sasscore.

Totally Unicorn – “High Spirits//Low Life”

Photo by Rhys Bennett

“Sorry” being the absolute achievement in self-loathing that it is, Totally Unicorn’s third full-length album is easily one of my most anticipated albums of the year. The Australian chaotic hardcore sound is progressively adopting more rock and roll sensibility, and I suspect “High Spirits//Low Life” will be a good fucking time.

Circuit Circuit – “My Body // This Fire”

Photo by Mark Benton

The plucky young Knoxville upstarts in Circuit Circuit released a highly energetic and very promising EP last year, and the band has already revealed the title of their follow up EP, “My Body // This Fire,” with an undetermined release date set presumably some time later this year.

Black Matter Device – LP3

Photo by Caleb Good

Alt Press named this band one of the rising hardcore bands to watch the same year as The Callous Daoboys. You can take that shit with a grain of salt if you’d like, but they are right be to excited for new Black Matter Device, because their special brand of breakdown heavy yet sassy mathcore is one of the best stylistic representations of where the genre is heading. The band have been hinting at new material and have indicated they have some cool stuff to announce this year, so here’s to hoping it’s LP3.

Pillar of Wasps – ?

There is no public announcement to substantiate this band is releasing anything this year, but fuck me if I’m not hoping it happens, because this is some of the dirtiest and dissonant shit I’ve heard in a minute. Texas mathcore is slowly starting to dominate the scene.

Greyhaven – “This Bright and Beautiful World

Photo by Mickie Winters

Totally a late entry, but I would be remiss to not include Greyhaven’s forthcoming Equal Vision Records full-length in this roundup (I have a tendancy to space things that don’t get released on Bandcamp).

Serling – LP1

Another late entry that I couldn’t resist mentioning, the Maine mathcore outfit have been posting promising studio teasers and claim to have 4 separate releases slated for 2022.

Arms – LP3

Oh god, I don’t wanna jinx this one, but really hoping Paul Hundeby (City of Ifa, Carnival Ghosts) and crew finally get this released. This is by far my most anticipated album of the past 5 years, as “Blackout” was an essential addition to cannon.

Mothman – LP2

Just today the Texas chaotic hardcore act announced that their 2nd full-length has been completed and will be released this year, and given how balls-to-the-wall visceral their 2016 LP was, “Answer to No One,” I could not be more excited.

The Wind in the Trees – LP2

Photo by Freddie Ross

Another late addition, TWITT are rumored to be releasing their 2nd full-length this year, and given the strength of “A Gift of Bricks from the Sky,” we are very excited at the possibility of a follow up.

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