REVIEW: DEAF CLUB – “Productive Disruption”

Productive Disruption | Deaf Club

Justin Pearson, his revolving cast of cohorts, and his label, Three One G, have always been at the forefront of all things offbeat. The San Diego musician’s newest musical venture, Deaf Club, is no exception. With the assistance of members of ACxDC, Run with the Hunted, Weak Flesh, and The Manx, Deaf Club proves itself to be one of the most pummeling and memorable projects Pearson and Three One G have had their names attached to.

Deaf Club’s debut full-length, Productive Disruption, combines the sci-fi eccentricity of The Locust and the angular hardcore of Retox into a discombobulating whirlwind of spastic, mathematical punk that spans just over 22 minutes in length. Pearson’s infamous snotty, snarling vocal style is at its most unhinged, hurling venomous, sardonic wit with each line. Guitarists Brian Amalfitano and Tommy Meehan unleash a barrage of punishing, six-string wizardry that includes effect-laden squalls, discordant mosh anthems, and everything in between. Bassist Jason Klein and drummer Scott Osment fill in the gaps with their brand of rhythmic insanity that ties off the bow on this gift to music weirdos everywhere.

The record kicks off with “For a Good Time Call Someone Else,” which sets the stage for what’s to come with stuttering, seasick rhythms, and dissonant guitar riffs that sound like what would happen if the creature from The Thing had tried to replicate hardcore music. Further down the line tracks like “Shoplift from Jail” deliver disjointed grooves that are quickly disrupted by sudden bursts of octave-shifting, robotic guitars that bring Three One G alumni Hot Nerds to mind. Other notable tracks like “Full as a Tick” and “New Voodoo” are chock full of disorienting, stop-and-start sections that build into off-kilter mosh sections that will urge the listener to move, albeit in a drunken fashion.

In summation, Deaf Club’s debut is erratic, throttling, and fun in the weirdest way. The songwriting is memorable and unique, and the musicianship is, unsurprisingly, tight. Productive Disruption is a must-listen for Three One G devotees, and those who enjoy having their brain zapped into mush.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: January 6, 2022
Label: Three One G
Favorite Tracks: “For a Good Time Call Someone Else,” “A Day at the Racist,” and “Someday All Men Will Die”

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