The Awful Din release long awaited album, “Anachronisms”

Arizona mathcore / jazzcore act The Awful Din just released their 2nd studio full-length, “Anachronisms.” The album, which has been in the works since roughly 2018, is a wonky whirlwind of mathcore and more adventurous and avant-garde elements like jazz breaks in the vein of artists like The Number Twelve Looks Like You and Lye by Mistake.

From the band:

“This album has been sitting on the proverbial shelf for years. Anachronisms was created with the idea that things were going to be out of time–whether by human error in the music or by the concepts implemented in the compositions. The irony, and coincidence, is that the album’s relationship with its name would become much more literal. Here is the music that three people sweat, puked, bled, and actually shit violently for. I hope someone finds joy in it.” -Colton Haynie, The Awful Din

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