Black Matter Device announce new album, “Autonomous Weapons”

Photos by Caleb Good

Richmond, Virginia based mathcore outfit, Black Matter Device, have just announced their new full-length album, “Autonomous Weapons,” which is to be released April 22nd via Dark Trail Records. 1st single and music video this Friday.

Press release:

“We are absolutely ecstatic to announce the newest addition to our roster, Virginia based mathcore outfit, Black Matter Device.

Named #1 in Alternative Presses’ Top 20 Rising Hardcore Bands You Need to Watch, Black Matter Device deliver angular riffs, visceral and throat-shredding vocals, and massive, dissonant breakdowns, all with super tight musicianship and undeniable flare, and we are pleased to announce their new full-length, “Autonomous Weapons” (DTR026), which is to be released April 22nd on 12” vinyl and CD.

Physical preorders drop this Friday, February 4th at 9am PST on Bandcamp, along with the first single and music video. All vinyl orders come with a stunningly beautiful 8 page art and lyric booklet.

“Autonomous Weapons” tracklisting:

  1. “Man vs. Man vs. Machine”
  2. “Blood Splatter Ink Blot”
  3. “Meat Computers”
  4. “Sesame Street Sweeper”
  5. “Sewer Slide Pact”
  6. “Dungeons and Drug Dealers”
  7. “Y’all Wanna Play This?”
  8. “Jay Dino Dies”
  9. “Mutually Assured Uncertainty”
  10. “Coffin Flops”
  11. “God Knows and He Ain’t Telling”
  12. “Concrete Nose Dive”
  13. “Snuff Film Actor’s Guild”
  14. “Gender Mountain”


300 12” vinyl, all orders come with 8 page 8’x8’ art and lyric booklet:

-100 transparent blue with pink, yellow, and white splatter
-100 white with orange, green, and yellow splatter
-100 ultra clear

100 CDs: 100 units made with 100% recycled materials”

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