Pupil Slicer debut new single and music video for “Thermal Runway” featuring Cara Drolshagen of The Armed

UK mathgrind outfit, Pupil Slicer, have just premiered a new single and music video for “Thermal Runway” featuring guest vocals from Cara Drolshagen of The Armed.

From Kate:

It’s been a hard few years for everyone during the pandemic and the idea behind the track was to capture the experience of being in a catastrophising cycle of anxiety and depression that keeps getting worse no matter what you do, through metaphors of thermal runaway that occurs in stars which leads to supernovas,” explains singer/guitarist Katie Davies. “I hope that people will get some catharsis out of listening to the music as I have in creating it. This was also an experiment in production, being our first track recorded in a bigger budget studio [with Lewis Johns at The Ranch] and we really enjoyed the more fluid process of the track evolving whilst we were recording, with tweaks to all the parts occuring up until the last note was tracked, trying to get the best out of the runtime.”

From Cara:

“It’s pretty incredible what you can do creatively now even being miles apart. We had such a great time collaborating on this song. Pupil Slicer were amazing to work with, and really gave me the chance to mould my style with theirs in a really unique way.”

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