Hella – “Hold Your Horse Is” turns 20, band announces anniversary remastered vinyl

Sacramento math rock progenitors, Hella, have just announced via Facebook that the band will be releasing a remastered vinyl reissue late this year, along with what sounds like some previously unseen archival footage.

From the band:

“Today is the 20th (WTF?) anniversary of Hella’s first album “Hold Your Horse Is.”
To celebrate, we are remastering and reissuing it on vinyl this year! Stay tuned for info on preordering etc and get ready for a TON of never before seen (or heard) Hella media that will be emerging from the archives in 2022.”

While there is disappointingly (and somewhat unsurprisingly, given drummer Zach Hill’s more recent and disparate musical forays with projects like Death Grips) no mention of a reunion, why not go ahead and enjoy some of the fantastic footage that is currently available of the band on YouTube, which we have embedded below:

OK, this is a different era of the band, but gotta throw this one in here because your boy was actually at this show
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