EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Wind In the Trees – “Architects of Light”

Guitarist David Gill (ex-The Heads Are Zeros, American Womanhood), a veteran of the Baltimore extreme music scene, has been a part of some of the area’s most aggressive and technical bands for over a decade. Gill’s newest project, The Wind In the Trees, is no exception, and although it carries with it the past effect laden chaos of his past work, TWITT ups the ante in every conceivable way: the band’s sophomore release is 14 tracks of succinct mathcore and grindcore that has a notable extra layer of polish on its execution.

Formed in 2018, the trio released their debut full-length, “A Gift of Bricks from the Sky,” the very next year, and now after 3 years of gigging and a split with fellow Twelve Gauge mathgrinders, Thin, the band are back with their follow up LP, “Achitects of Light,” via the very same label and today we have the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive early stream of the whole damn thing.

Photo by Bliss Wilson

Despite Gill’s penchant for effect pedals, which add great density to the already dense mix, he and the band waste no time lining up some of band’s the nastiest, skronkiest, and most metallic offerings to date, indulging even further in the bombastic and more breakdown-heavy approach hinted at on previous tracks like “Hellbent,” setting the stage perfectly for vocalist Brandon Winter’s tortured shrieks describing apocalyptical sci-fi visions that read like excepts from a Larry Niven novel.

Comments Gill:

“We wrote half this record in 2019 and the other half in isolation in 2020, so it’s kinda two records in one. The 2019 stuff is evolved from what we were writing later during quarantine is much more bleak. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to weave those two stories together and Brandon’s concept of a dead earth and the extraction of humanity into the cosmos really brought focus to the material. Once we had that, everything we were worried about just fell into place and we went into record. It’s kinda serendipitous that this album releases a few days after the first images from the Webb Telescope dropped and you can now zoom billions of years into the past while looking at those photos. What a time to be alive.”

“Architects of Light” is out tomorrow via Twelve Gauge Records

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