EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: LONG.WAY.DOWN. – “until there’s nothing left”

If you’re pining for the days of melodic metalcore riffs contrasted by a high pitched vocal fry and some mathcore chaos, LONG.WAY.DOWN. and ZBR gotchu. The Savanah, Georgia trio are back with their first taste of new music in 2 and a half years, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you a full stream of their forthcoming EP, “until there’s nothing left.”

The release is reminiscent of the glory days of MySpace, and fans of screamo / mathcore / metalcore hybrids a la .gif from god and SeeYouSpaceCowboy should immediately appreciate their fresh take on the mid-aughts-injected approach. The new release is also a noticeable improvement from the band’s 2020 EP, with sharper production and a more matured execution.

Cassettes available now for preorder via Zegema Beach Records, links below.

U.S.A. store = https://www.zbrusa.com/products/lwd

Everywhere else – https://www.zegemabeachrecords.com/zegema-beach-releases/lwd

Pressing info:

‘nothing left’ yellow swirl (/35), ‘incinerate’ orange swirl (/30), ‘goldenashes’ gold swirl (/5), test dip w/matching swirl case (/5) (<- not pictured)

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